Dos and Don’ts for the Dog School

Your Checklist for training with us at Pico Coaching


We are pleased, that you have decided to train with us! We have put together a Checklist with some tips and rules to make the training start relaxed and to make sure that everything goes well. Thank you for working with us to ensure that both dogs and people feel comfortable at the dog school. If you have any questions, please contact us.


 Have you got everything?

Harness, short leash, collar and long lead if needed – these belong to the basic equipment that are needed. Aside from that, please bring some dog treats that your dog likes and/or a toy to motivate your dog and reward the dog.

If you have one, you can also bring a (food) dummy with you. We provide drinking water for the dogs during the lessons. Solid shoes and comfortable clothes are recommended for you. If it is very cold and your dog gets cold quickly, a dogcoat could make it more comfortable for your dog.

If you would like to, bring a blanket for your dog so that he can lie there when we are discussing. If he is very excitable, something to chew could help your dog to relax.


You arrived?

Our request: please park close together from left to right so that there is enough space for everybody. After you have got out, keep your dog on a short lead.


Your dog needs to go?

Please make sure that your dog has the chance to relieve themself before the dog school. It’s best if you can go for a short walk at home as we have 15 minutes between our courses for all teams to leave and arrive. Because of this, we ask that you please arrive only 5 minutes before your course starts so that there isn’t any difficulty with parking.



Please gather it in a bag, tie a knot and throw it away in our rubbish bins. No bag on hand? Let us know and we are happy to give you one.


Your dog wants to mark

Please ensure that your dog doesn’t mark in our hall. This also goes for fences or items in front of our training hall. Of course marking is normal behaviour for dogs, however we all want to train together here. It is easier for everyone if not every dog marks a post after each other. It also preserves our materials and helps the concentration of all dogs.


Your dog is sick?

If your dog is contagious, please stay at home. If your dog is on heat, please confer with us.


A big hello?

Please keep enough distance to other dog-people teams! Your dogs should learn that there is no contact to other dogs on the short lead. This makes it a lot easier to teach your dog to walk on a lead, amongst other things.


Would you like one too?

Please only give your dog treats! Other dogs can have allergies or intolerances. Aside from that, it’s also helpful if each dog finds their owner exciting and will be able to pay more attention.


Can she already…?

Of course we all like to talk about our dogs and what we train with them. And that’s great! But please don’t compare your dog too much with others. Every dog is an individual and should learn and develop at their own pace. Be happy with the progress of your dog!