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Training and main focus of Training

Because of my own dogs and the goal to train dogs to be good companions in daily life, my primary areas of focus are:

  • Daily life and living with dogs
  • Body language and communication
  • ‘specialty’ animal shelter dogs
  • Aggression/how to deal with aggressive dogs
  • Anxiety and trauma
  • Multiple dog households
  • Hunting behaviour

In general, the training is laid out to be able to learn how dogs communicate as that is the only way to lessen miscommunications between dogs and people. One important aspect of a harmonious relationship between dogs and humans are appropriate challenges and encouragement for dogs. Not only the breed-related characteristics and motivation of the dog are important, but also your individual preferences are important.

Our training is calm and without any strong coercive methods. Clear rules and  consequences are an important part of education and healthy relationships, so that the dog can rely on and orient themselves towards the human.

My offers includes individual and group training as well as home visits. To help people understand why dogs do things the way they do it, I offer workshops and seminars in addition on a variety of topics in addition to normal training. In these, I give theoretical information to back up practical exercises.

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